About Us

“BIMFOOD” ltd was founded in North Macedonia in 2007.,  continuing a long family tradition of dealing with wild mushrooms and fruits on the territory of all Balkan countries.

Combining a long tradition and modern technologies for processing and packaging makes “BIMFOOD” ltd one of the leaders in the collection, processing, packaging, and distribution of wild mushrooms and other wild fruits in the region of the Balkans.

In 2012.  we have increased our capacity and invested in modern technology for quick freezing (IQF) of fruits and vegetables, with purchase of flow freezing tunnel with capacity of 2500 kg/h.
A new facility of 850㎡ was built, thereby increasing capacity of storage of frozen products up to 1,000 tons of goods on temperature of -20°C. Investment also contains new line for processing peppers, sour cherries and other fruits and vegetables.
The capacity for processing and freezing of goods at this moment has increased up to 4000 tons of frozen products per year.

In 2014. the partner of our company became a renowned company GIACOMINI srl from Milano, Italy, a company with long tradition founded far back in 1900.

In 2017. we are opening processing plant “BIMFOOD” ltd in Prijedor, Bosnia and Hercegovina, recognizing Bosnia as a quality raw material base due to the large areas of untouched nature.

In 2018. we have increased our capacity again by purchasing a new static freezing tunnel with a capacity of 1500 kg/h. A new facility of 1650㎡ was built.

Today, our facility has 5000 ㎡, our capacity of freezing with 2 static tunnels and 1 flow tunnel is 70 tons/day, the storage capacity of frozen final products on -20°C is 2500 tons, the storage capacity of fresh raw materials on + 3°C is 400 tons. 
Our capacity for processing and freezing is 8000 tons of frozen products per year.

With future investment in solar energy, in the facility for the production of electricity of 500 kW/h, which will be realized in 2022., we continue with our long tradition of caring for the environment.

"BIMFOOD" ltd is synonymous with quality and authenticity thanks to the commitment of management and founders to quality raw materials and constant improvement of production with new technologies.


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